Crypto scams: don't give in to scammers!

Although blockchain is a secure and robust technology, its weakest link is still man and his carelessness. We will teach you and identify threats and protect your funds from scameras. Learn the mechanisms of action and tricks of scammers who may try to entangle you in their lies and manipulations. Learn the stories of people who came to our exchange office and only there discovered the painful truth. Stay one step ahead of scameras and protect your wallet.

Cryptocurrencies on the crosshairs

Protect your data and assets

Join our action and learn how to defend yourself against fraud in the world of cryptocurrencies. Learn about the different types of scams, common lie scenarios and the stories of those who fell victim to them, irretrievably losing their life savings.

Cryptocurrencies are a reliable and secure technology, but we, the users, are its weakest link. If you suspect that you may be in the crosshairs or have already fallen victim to a scam, please contact us. We may be able to help and publicize your case. Asset protection starts with education and awareness. Together, we create a safe environment for crypto investors and loudly oppose scammers.

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Discover the authentic stories of the victims of scammers


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