Cryptocurrency exchange office - Kraków - Zabłocie 25

The stationary cryptocurrency exchange office Cashify in Krakow is located at 25 Zabłocie Street, right next to the Kotlarski Bridge on the Vistula River. Nearby there are, among others, the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academy of Krakow, Kazimierz Gallery and Zabłocie Business Park.


Sale, purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies Krakow

Cryptocurrency exchange Krakow

Zabłocie 25/1,

30-701 Cracovia

Opening hours:


11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Outside of opening hours, please contact us by phone or via Telegram. ‍


+48 535 561 108

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Fast and simple cryptocurrency exchange in Krakow

Cashify is a modern cryptocurrency exchange office located in the heart of Zabłocie, one of the most dynamically developing districts of Krakow. Not far from the banks of the Vistula River and the Kotlarski Bridge, at 25/1 Zabłocie Street, our stationary cryptocurrency exchange point is located. We are a true hub for digital financial technology enthusiasts, offering a wide range of cryptocurrency-related services.

Our offer includes both the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. As a result, whether you are an experienced investor or just starting your cryptocurrency adventure, you will find everything you need with us. At Cashify we also offer the conversion of cryptocurrencies into precious metals - gold and silver, which is a unique service on the market and allows you to manage your assets in a comprehensive and versatile way.

Cashify is not just a stationary exchange office. We are also a network of mobile exchange offices with customer access and convenient, round-the-clock Kryptomats, available in various locations throughout the country. In addition, we also offer the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies through BLIK, which makes our offer even more accessible to customers using different forms of payment.

Emphasizing our commitment to honesty and transparency, Cashify operates 100% in accordance with the law. All our transactions are thoroughly documented and secured, and exchanges up to EUR 1000 are carried out without a KYC procedure, which gives our clients even greater convenience.

Values such as speed and safety are key to us. We make sure that the replacement process is as simple and uncomplicated as possible, and our team is always ready to help in case of any problems. Cashify is where technology meets passion for innovation. We invite you to our exchange office, where cryptocurrencies are becoming more accessible to everyone.

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