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The stationary cryptocurrency exchange office in Lublin is located at 27 Kraśnicka Avenue, on the border of districts such as Konstantynów, Wieniawa and Czuby Północne, near places such as the Museum of the Lublin Village of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.


Sale, purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies Lublin

Cryptocurrency exchange Lublin

27 Kraśnicka Ave.,

20-781 Lublin

Opening hours:




+48 537 525 588

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Fast and simple cryptocurrency exchange in Lublin

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Office in Lublin, located at 27 Kraśnicka Avenue, is a true pioneer in the field of digital economy in this historically and culturally rich city.

Lublin, known for its picturesque streets, cathedrals and monuments, is now also becoming a place where residents can easily enter the world of cryptocurrencies. The exchange office at Aleia Kraśnicka is a combination of the traditional architecture of Lublin with the modernity of the world of cryptocurrencies. It is distinguished by its unique location, which allows easy access from different parts of the city and proximity to important transport points.

Cashify Cryptocurrency Exchange Office in Lublin is not just an ordinary exchange office. It is a place where professionalism meets passion for education. In addition to the standard services of exchanging, selling and buying cryptocurrencies, the exchange office in Lublin also offers substantive support in the field of cryptocurrency basics, which will help you understand the dynamics of the digital market.

Another advantage is the individual approach to the client. For those who are planning larger investments or simply want to get to know the world of cryptocurrencies from the inside out, our experts are available for consultation and will be happy to answer any questions. We encourage you to contact us in advance at +48 537 525 588 to make an appointment and discuss all the details.

Cryptocurrency exchange office in Lublin is not only a business, but above all a mission. In the digital age, we want Lublin residents to have easy and secure access to innovative forms of investing and securing their funds.

Therefore, we invite you to visit our stationary point at 27 Kraśnicka Avenue in Lublin. Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting your cryptocurrency adventure, you will find support, knowledge and professional services of the highest level with us. Come and see for yourself!

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