Cryptocurrency exchange office - Poznań - Głogowska 216

The stationary cryptocurrency exchange office Cashify in Poznań is located at 216 Głogowska Street, in the heart of the Górczyn district. In the area there are, among others, the Górczyński Park, the M. Kopernik and H. Sawicka plot gardens, as well as the Stara Cegielnia and Staw Baczkowski housing estates.


Sale, purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies Poznan

Cryptocurrency exchange office Poznań

Glogowska 216,

60-104 Poznan

Opening hours:




+48 535 553 106

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Fast and simple cryptocurrency exchange in Poznań

Kantor Kriptovutowy Cashify, located near the very center of Poznań at 216 Głogowska Street, is a modern facility for all those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies or expand their investments with precious metals.

The location of the exchange office guarantees easy access for both city residents and visitors. The surroundings are full of service points, shops and cafes, which makes Głogowska Street an ideal place to combine everyday affairs with investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cashify offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to buy, sell or exchange. Moreover, for lovers of more traditional forms of investment, the exchange office offers the conversion of cryptocurrencies and cash into precious metals such as gold or silver. All services are provided with attention to the highest safety standards and in full compliance with current regulations.

Cashify customers are offered not only fast and professional service, but also a friendly atmosphere that encourages them to ask questions and develop their knowledge about cryptocurrencies. For transactions up to 1000 EUR, there is no need to carry out KYC procedure, which makes the process even simpler and more discreet.

Before a planned larger transaction, it is worth contacting by phone at +48 535 553 106 to discuss the details with a representative of the exchange office.

Cashify is a place where traditional methods of investing meet the modernity of cryptocurrencies. Our facility at 216 Głogowska Street in Poznań is a guarantee of professionalism, safety and satisfaction with every transaction. We invite you to visit us and discover the full possibilities offered by the world of cryptocurrencies.

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