Cryptocurrency exchange office - Warszawa - Chmielna 23

The stationary cryptocurrency exchange office Cashify in Warsaw, at Chmielna Street, is located in the very center of the capital, right next to the legendary symbol of this city - the Palace of Culture and Science. In the area there are also, among others, the National Museum, the Fryderyk Chopin Museum, the Central Railway Station, as well as numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.


Buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies Warsaw

Cryptocurrency exchange office Warsaw

Chmielna 23,

00-032 Warsaw

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+48 537 882 115

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Fast and easy cryptocurrency exchange in Warsaw

Have you ever wondered how to convert your money into cryptocurrencies easily and quickly? Or vice versa - how to sell Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital coins, regardless of the market situation, legally, safely and without risk? If so, then Cashify Cryptocurrency Exchange in Warsaw is exactly what you are looking for!

Located in the heart of Warsaw, at the picturesque Chmielna Street 23, our exchange office is a combination of tradition and modernity. Surrounded by the atmosphere of the historical center of the capital, Cashify proudly stands next to the legendary Palace of Culture and Science — a symbol of modernity and progress in Poland. It is an ideal place for both tourists and residents of the capital who want to combine cultural attractions with investment in the future.

A few steps away are other gems of Warsaw: the National Museum with its rich collection of works of art, the sentimental Fryderyk Chopin Museum and the always lively Central Railway Station. And after a successful transaction at Cashify, how about a coffee in one of the nearby cafes or dinner in a reputable restaurant? The possibilities are endless, because Chmielna and the surrounding area have a lot to offer!

Why should you choose a cryptocurrency exchange office at Chmielna? Cashify is not only an excellent location, but above all secure transactions with the support of an experienced team, current cryptocurrency rates, always in line with market trends, privacy and discretion and speed of action. Transactions up to EUR 1000 are carried out without a mandatory KYC procedure, which makes them even faster and even more private.

Don't wait! Visit us today and see why Cashify is the #1 choice for many customers. Your financial future in the world of cryptocurrencies begins right here - at Chmielna.

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