Cryptocurrency exchange office - Wrocław - Bema 2

Cashify's stationary cryptocurrency exchange office in Wrocław is located at Generała Józefa Bema Street 2. The exchange office is located right on the banks of the Oder River and near Mill Island, Sand Island, Bielarska Island and Słodowa Island.


Sale, purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies Wroclaw

Cryptocurrency exchange Wroclaw

General Joseph Bem 2,

50-265 Wroclaw

Opening hours:


9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


+48 535 588 105

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Fast and simple cryptocurrency exchange in Wroclaw

Cryptocurrency exchange office Cashify, located in the city center of Wrocław at 2 Generała Józefa Bema Street, is a place created for lovers of modern finance. Between historic townhouses and the hustle and bustle of the city, Cashify offers top-notch services in the area of cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Cashify specializes in selling, buying and converting cryptocurrencies. In addition, for those who value traditional forms of investing, it also offers the possibility of converting cryptocurrencies and cash into precious metals - gold and silver. All this is carried out with the utmost precision, in accordance with the current law.

One of the main advantages of the exchange office is its simplicity and speed of operation. Transparent procedures and professionalism of employees make even a novice cryptocurrency enthusiast feel at ease here. Security is a priority here, and transactions up to 1000 EUR are carried out without the KYC procedure, which further speeds up and simplifies the process.

In addition, there is a friendly atmosphere at Cashify that is conducive to both quick transactions and longer conversations about the cryptocurrency market. Making an appointment is not required, but recommended — especially for larger transactions. Just call +48 535 588 105 to make an appointment and discuss the details of the transaction.

Cashify is not only a currency exchange office, it is a space where technology meets tradition, and the safety and comfort of the customer are always in the first place. We invite you to visit our branch in Wrocław, at ul. Generała Józefa Bema 2 - a place where cryptocurrencies become simple and accessible to everyone.

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