Where and how to buy cryptocurrencies?

With the growing interest of investors, buying cryptocurrencies has become more and more popular. When deciding to buy cryptocurrencies, it is worth first of all to know the market and find a reliable platform for safe investing.

In the article below, we will outline the steps you need to take to buy cryptocurrencies, as well as what are the best cryptocurrency trading platforms and how to properly take care of the security of transactions.

How to buy cryptocurrencies?

The opportunities to buy cryptocurrencies are diverse and tailored to the needs of investors. The simplest and most common way is to buy cryptocurrency on an exchange such as Kraken or Coinbase, where users can place an order to buy the chosen cryptocurrency, using various payment methods for this purpose, such as:

  • bank transfers,
  • credit cards,
  • cash transactions.

How to buy cryptocurrencies at the exchange office?

For those who prefer a more direct transaction, there are cryptocurrency exchange offices and special bitomats that allow you to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies for cash. Several companies offering such services operate in Poland, including, among others, Cashify. Typically, buying cryptocurrencies for zlotys involves similar or slightly higher transaction costs and less availability of cryptocurrencies compared to cryptocurrency exchanges. Some modern banking platforms and financial apps like Revolut also offer the ability to buy cryptocurrency directly through their interfaces. Nevertheless, the exchange office is anonymous, transparent and secure, and these are qualities that in practice have no price!

For more advanced investors, there are options for trading cryptocurrency CFDs, allowing you to speculate on prices without having to physically own a virtual currency. The choice of the appropriate method depends on individual preferences, investment experience and acceptance of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

How to ensure the security of transactions?

When trading cryptocurrencies, and especially when making transactions, security is extremely important. Below are some tips on how to protect yourself from scammers and losing your money.

  1. Check the authenticity of the platform

Before making a trade, make sure that you are using an authentic trading platform and not one that only looks identical to the original. All important information such as website address, logo, or security certificates should be carefully checked before trading.

  1. Secure your account

Create a strong and unique password for your account on the trading platform, as well as configure additional authentication methods such as two-factor verification to prevent unauthorized access to funds.

  1. Avoid Phishing

Keep in mind that scammers often try to extort confidential data from users of trading platforms through phishing, that is, impersonating an authentic website. Make sure the site address is correct, and any offers that seem too good to be true are most likely a scam.

  1. Update the software

Pay close attention to whether your operating system and antivirus software are always up to date, as this will minimize the risk of a hacker attack.

What is kyput wallet?

If you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, you must set up a wallet to be able to store and manage the accumulated funds. This is an essential tool for any investor, as the wallet allows you to store private keys, that is, the keys necessary to execute transactions related to your digital assets.

Cryptocurrency wallets can operate online, offline, or in paper form. An online cryptocurrency wallet is by far the most popular and easiest type of wallet to set up. The key issue when choosing this type of investment portfolio is security. Choose a wallet with a good reputation and a high security rating to avoid the risk of losing your digital assets.

How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet?

To set up a cryptocurrency wallet online, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. Go to the website of the selected wallet.
  3. Register your account and follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Verify your account if required.
  5. Deposit funds into your wallet account using the available payment options.
  6. Start trading cryptocurrencies.

Remember that a cryptocurrency wallet should always be password protected and connected to an authorized mobile application.

How to buy cryptocurrencies at cryptocurrency exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are an alternative way to buy cryptocurrencies, which can be simpler and faster than traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. In Poland you will find many exchange offices that meet security requirements and offer both buying and selling cryptocurrencies. For example - Cashify is currently popular and trusted by many customers.

How do cryptocurrency exchange offices work?

Cryptocurrency exchange offices carry out activities similar to currency exchange offices. They offer to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at current market rates, typically using traditional payment methods such as bank transfers or payment cards.

Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, exchange offices do not require users to register or have a cryptocurrency wallet. After the transaction is made, cryptocurrencies are sent directly to the indicated address. Interestingly - in the case of Cashify, you can also withdraw funds using BLIK transactions!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency exchange offices?

Among the advantages of cryptocurrency exchange offices, the following are mentioned:

  • speed and ease of transactions - buying cryptocurrencies at the exchange office is quick and easy, and cryptocurrencies are sent directly to the specified address.
  • no registration required - the buyer does not need to create an account or store cryptocurrencies in the wallet.
  • better exchange rate - Cryptocurrency exchanges can offer a more favorable exchange rate than traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of cryptocurrency exchange offices is considered to be:

  • Fewer Cryptocurrencies Available - Cryptocurrency exchanges usually only offer the most popular cryptocurrencies, and the rest may not be on the list available.
  • lack of adjustment - unlike traditional exchange offices - cryptocurrency exchange offices are not yet directly regulated by state institutions.

All in all, cryptocurrency exchanges can be an alternative way to buy cryptocurrencies for people looking for speed and ease of transactions. However, before making a purchase, it is worthwhile to carefully examine the exchange office in question and the cryptocurrencies available on it, as well as make sure of the security of the transaction.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies in Poland?

In Poland, investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more popular. However, due to the lack of precise regulations and market risks, it is important to carefully consider your investment decisions and know the risks associated with this form of capital investment.

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new and dynamically developing asset class, and their value is highly variable. When investing in anything in Poland, you should be aware that there is no guarantee of profit. Nevertheless, many people believe that investing in cryptocurrencies can bring abundant profits.

What is the legal status of cryptocurrencies in Poland

There are no clear regulations on cryptocurrency trading in Poland. In practice, cryptocurrency-related activities are not regulated, and their legal status is difficult to define. Despite the lack of clear legal regulations, cryptocurrencies are considered property and their turnover is subject to income tax.

Are cryptocurrencies an investment?

Cryptocurrencies are often compared to gold because both assets are not tied to any government or central bank. However, unlike gold, the value of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile. They offer the opportunity to achieve high returns on investment, but they also carry high risks. The transfer of funds in this direction undoubtedly requires a detailed analysis of the market and the need to make investment decisions on one's own responsibility.


Buying cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular with increasing interest in the decentralized financial system. In Poland, it is often possible to buy cryptocurrencies through different platforms and using different methods. On most cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Kraken or eToro, you can buy bitcoin, ripple, litecoin and other tokens, after placing an order and going through the KYC verification process. Cryptocurrency exchanges are also popular in Poland, where the purchase process is explained step by step, often on a dedicated website.

Payment options include debit and credit cards and traditional bank transfers. There are also ATMs (bitomat), which are devices similar to a traditional ATM, with which you can buy cryptocurrency anonymously, i.e. by paying in cash.

However, it is worth remembering that investing in cryptocurrencies is associated with the potential risk of losing funds and the need to take care of the security of transactions. Choosing the right way to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrency should depend on your individual needs and understanding the risks associated with such investments.


Where can I buy cryptocurrencies?

The most popular way to buy cryptocurrencies is to use exchanges such as Kraken or Coinbase. You can also use cryptocurrency exchange offices, bitomats such as Cashify, or modern banking platforms and financial applications, such as Revolut.

What are the differences between buying cryptocurrencies on the exchange and in the exchange office?

Exchanges usually require registration and offer various payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards or cash transactions. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow for more direct transactions, often without the need for registration. In practice, exchange offices are considered faster, anonymous and secure.

How can I ensure the security of my cryptocurrency transactions?

Make sure you are using an authentic trading platform, create a strong and unique password, set up two-factor verification, avoid phishing, and update your software regularly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency exchange offices?

The advantages of an exchange office include speed and ease of transactions, no registration required and often a better exchange rate. The disadvantages include the lack of control over cryptocurrencies after the transaction, or the smaller amount of available cryptocurrencies.

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