Cryptocurrency exchange office - Raszyn - Pruszkowska 73

The stationary cryptocurrency exchange office in Raszyn is located at 73 Pruszkowska Street, in the Kolonia Opacz district, next to the main arteries of the city: the S8 Express Road, the Salomea-Wolica Route and the Polish Military Organization Avenue, at the South Ring Road of Warsaw.


Selling, Buying, and Exchanging Cryptocurrencies Raszyn

Cryptocurrency exchange Raszyn

Pruszkowska 73,

05-090 Raszyn

Opening hours:




+48 535 565 103

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Fast and simple cryptocurrency exchange in Raszyn

Cashify in Raszyn is a stationary cryptocurrency exchange office, presenting an innovative approach, which is located at 73 Pruszkowska Street, south of Warsaw. The location of the exchange office in Raszyn was chosen based on the proximity of key routes, such as the S8 Express Road, Salomea-Wolica Route and Alley of the Polish Military Organization, which makes getting to the premises quick and trouble-free.

At Cashify we offer both the possibility of buying, exchanging and selling cryptocurrencies. Whether you are a veteran of the cryptocurrency market or just starting your journey, we guarantee access to all the necessary tools. In addition, we offer a unique service to convert cryptocurrencies into precious metals such as gold and silver, which allows you to diversify and enrich your investment portfolio.

Our exchange office is not only a stationary place. We also have an extensive network of mobile exchange offices and Kryptomats, which are available 24 hours a day in various locations throughout the country. Complementing our offer, we offer cryptocurrency exchange with BLIK, thereby increasing the availability of our services to customers using various forms of payment, anywhere in Poland.

At Cashify, we value values such as honesty and transparency, which is why we operate 100% in accordance with the law, and all our transactions are reliably documented and secured by strict Cashify Secure standards. Exchanges of up to 1000 EUR are carried out without the need for a KYC procedure, providing our clients with even greater convenience and discretion.

Cryptocurrency exchanges in Cashify are characterized by speed and security. We make every effort to make the exchange process as simple and understandable as possible, and our specialists are always ready to help you in case of any questions or problems. Cashify is a space where technology meets innovation. We cordially invite you to our exchange office, where cryptocurrencies become available to everyone.

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