Cryptocurrency exchange office - Warszawa - Aleje Jerozolimskie 65

The stationary cryptocurrency exchange office Cashify in Warsaw at 65 Jerozolimskich Avenue is located in the building of the famous skyscraper - the 5-star Hotel Mariott, opposite the Central Railway Station in Warsaw and near the Golden Terraces. In the area there are numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as major tourist attractions such as the Palace of Culture and Science or the Cosmos Museum.


Buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies Warsaw

Cryptocurrency exchange office Warsaw

65/79 Jerozolimskie Ave.

00-697 Warsaw

Opening hours:




+48 535 576 107

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Fast and easy cryptocurrency exchange in Warsaw

When the classic world of finance meets the modernity of cryptocurrencies, something unique is created. Such a place is Cashify Cryptocurrency Exchange, located in one of the most recognizable places in Warsaw — 65 Jerozolimskie Avenue, in the building of the famous skyscraper, the 5-star Mariott Hotel.

Just a few steps away from the Central Railway Station, the majestic Palace of Culture and Science and the modern shopping complex - Złoty Tarasów. Our location is the true heart of the capital, bustling with life, culture and business. After using our services, you can relax in one of the many restaurants, cafes or bars that surround this unusual place.

What makes Cashify the perfect place for you? Exclusive location - direct proximity to the Mariott Hotel and proximity to the main tourist attractions, professionalism - an experienced team of experts ready to help in any situation, security - we take care of the privacy of our customers and guarantee complete security of transactions, as well as speed - zero unnecessary formalities - buying and selling cryptocurrencies at an express pace.

Whether you are a resident of Warsaw, a tourist or a businessman visiting the capital, Cashify Cryptocurrency Exchange is the place you must visit. Let us become your guide to the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. In the middle of bustling Warsaw, find your digital haven at Cashify!

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